Many homeowners choose to finish their basements to increase usable square footage and expand their living space. Whether you plan to use your finished basement for a kids’ play room, office, man cave, craft room, bed room, or game room, you first have to come up with a great color scheme and paint all the walls.

This is trickier than you think. Once the drywall has been installed and you have laid down carpet, a quality paint job will put the finishing touches on the space. To achieve that in the quickest and most effective way, it’s smart to hire a reputable interior painter in San Francisco to get the job done right.

But whether you hire a pro or you decide to DIY the paint job, check out these tips for painting your finished basement in the most effective manner.

1. Add Light Sources

Basements are notorious for their poor lighting, even with a couple of small windows in the mix. To combat this dimness, try incorporating lighter paint colors such as whites, pastels, and light neutrals complemented by additional light sources. You may consider the addition of:

  • Overhead lamps or track lighting. These inexpensive options are great for adding more light to a dark basement.
  • Floor or table lamps. These provide more light strategically throughout your basement, for reading and other tasks.
  • Recessed lighting. Use these if you have low ceilings that overhang bars or gaming tables.

2. Use Saturated Colors

Most finished basements are short on natural light. Combat this with the use of saturated, deep, and bright paint colors on the walls. Use them on all four walls or just one if you want to create a focal point.

While light colors certainly help, they may not be enough. Here is a look at some surprisingly ideal paint colors for basement walls:

  • White. This is a great way to brighten up your basement, but it also tends to bring a harsh or plain look if you fail to pair it with the right accents and lighting.
  • Brown. This warm, rich, neutral earth tone brings a cozy feel to a basement, especially when paired with white trim or natural wood.
  • Gray. This is a versatile color that goes equally well with neutral furniture and with vibrant, bright fabrics.
  • Blue. Dark and navy blues tend to bring a calming effect to any room, especially when coupled with light trim and soft accents.
  • Green. Try adding a rich green accent wall to liven up the space.
  • Dark. Dark colors are very complementary for basements that are used as movie theaters.

3. Paint the Ceilings

Who says all ceilings have to be boring white? Switch things up a bit with these creative choices:

  • Black. This color makes ceilings appear higher than they are, while at the same time covering up any flaws.
  • Exposed ceilings. Drywall and drop ceilings will make your basement look smaller than it is. Why not leave the ceilings exposed, painting the beams and ducts black or white? This will offer an industrial, lofty feel.

4. Paint Exposed Brick

If your old masonry work is outdated or dirty, consider cleaning, then painting, your exposed brick white or gray for a modern touch.

5. Consider Rich Colors

Light colors aren’t always the best way to go in a basement. Instead, use rich colors like a saturated dark blue, which will do your basement more favors than a poorly saturated yellow.

6. Refrain From Using Too Many Colors

When decorating dark spaces, be careful not to add too much color, which tends to overpopulate a room. Instead, try to stick to the 60-30-10 rule, which states 60 percent of the room must be the dominant color, 30 percent must be a secondary color, and 10 percent must be for accents. This way, the colors will complement each other without being too overbearing.

7. Hire Professional Interior Painters

In the end, the best way to make your basement really pop is to hire professional painters in San Francisco who are skilled at these types of jobs. They will know exactly the right colors and combinations to use to maximize light exposure, shape and size.

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