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Exterior Painting

Experienced, Quality Painting Services

Are your exteriors looking tired, dated, and worn? Does your property need a facelift but you don’t have the budget to make major renovations? Oftentimes, a fresh paint job is all it takes to transform a home from drab to dazzling. Our exterior painters can make that happen, breathing new life into an otherwise outdated property and adding instant curb appeal to your SF Bay area home.

Looking for exterior painters near me? You can stop your search with the team at Fresh Start Painting, where we specialize in exterior painting, dry rot repair, lead paint removal, and much more. We also handle trim, shutters, doors, and other accent areas that require attention to detail and precision. Our professional exterior painters can handle every detail from start to finish, using only the highest quality paints and supplies for a stunning end result you will appreciate for years to come.

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Exterior Painting Services

Brick, Siding & Stucco

Surfaces like brick and stucco require an expert touch, as they entail a lot more prep work and precision than standard wood siding. If your San Francisco Bay Area home or business features brick or stucco, we can give your exteriors a much-needed makeover that will wow the neighbors and add instant curb appeal. If you have traditional wood siding, we can refresh that too.

Because your home is at the mercy of the elements and the sun, it needs top-notch protection from the weather and harsh UV rays. Our exterior residential painters can apply the highest quality paints to protect your home from the sun, moisture damage, and premature decay that can happen with time. Rest assured, we fully prep and protect the area, including placing tarps on bushes and other vegetation. When done, we clean up the entire site so all you’re left with is a fresh paint job that reveals the former glory of your home or business for all to see.

Exterior Trim & Doors

If your exterior doors and trim look faded and worn, it’s time for a refresher from our team of exterior house painters. Many people overlook these two main areas when doing work to their home, but they are critical features on any property that need to be refreshed on a regular basis along with the rest of the siding.

A new coat of paint to the trim and doors can breathe new life into your property, increasing curb appeal and adding visual interest. We can recommend the best trim and door colors that would work best with your home or office as part of our consultation. So if your doors and trim are peeling and chipping, let us restore those areas to bring a cohesive and elegant appearance to your entire property.

Decks, Fences & Pergolas

These exterior features take a lot of abuse from the sun, weather, and moisture. As such, they need to be refreshed every so often with a coat of high-quality exterior paint. Not only does paint or stain add instant life to these features and provide a beautiful touch, it adds a much-needed layer of protection against Mother Nature.

Any deck, pergola, or fence painting project begins with surface prep and cleaning. Our team gives full attention to detail when it comes to these items in your yard, protecting the surrounding areas and removing peeling paint before beginning. We will work with you to choose the best paint or stain color to enhance your deck, fence, or pergola and add value to your property. If you’re looking to hire the best exterior painters in San Francisco, look no further than Fresh Start.

Dry Rot Repair

Doors, windows, and trim often fall victim to dry rot, which can lead to the degradation of your exteriors over time. Dry rot needs to be addressed before any paint is added. Lucky for you, we handle all of that. Dry rot, a type of wood decay caused by fungi that feed on wood, saps your exterior of its natural strength and leaves it vulnerable to nature.

Our team can assess the presence of dry rot, remove the offending areas, and replace it as needed. We can then finish up with a fresh paint job that will give your exteriors a new lease on life. Alleviating the damage by wood rot before painting is the best way to extend the lifespan of your home or business and ensure a beautiful, long-lasting exterior facelift.

Lead Abatement (Lead Paint Removal)

As a lead-safe certified firm by the EPA, Fresh Start Painting can provide complete exterior lead abatement services, also known as lead paint removal. Licensed with the California Department of Public Health, Fresh Start is certified to remove lead-based paint for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. Our complete exterior lead abatement services are often necessary in older homes that may contain lead paint. The use of lead paint was banned in the construction of residential homes in 1978, so if your home is older than that, there’s a good chance it contains dangerous toxins in the paint.

If you are unsure, our skilled house exterior painters team can come out to your home and inspect your exteriors for the presence of lead paint. If we detect this substance, we will provide remediation services to remove any lead paint and replace it with safe, approved exterior paint from top manufacturers. Get peace of mind when you choose Fresh Start for comprehensive exterior lead paint removal throughout San Francisco and beyond.

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Lead Abatement

Trust the Pros with Lead Paint Removal

As a lead-safe certified firm by the EPA, Fresh Start Painting can provide complete exterior lead abatement services, also known as lead paint removal. Licensed with the California Department of Public Health, Fresh Start is certified to remove lead-based paint for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. Backed by nearly 20 years of experience in the painting business, Estuardo Godinez and his team bring quality workmanship and materials, as well as a sharp eye for detail, to every job while striving for the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


How do I maintain my interior painting job?2023-08-15T06:58:21-07:00

It’s important to check for areas of dirt on a regular basis. You will most likely find it near cooking areas and anywhere that’s at hand height. Clean the surface with a mild detergent and a sponge, but try to avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners because they can dull the sheen of oil-based paint. Rinse washed surfaces thoroughly, as residual cleaners can make it hard for new paint to adhere to the surface later.

What is an Elastomeric Waterproofing System?2023-08-15T06:57:00-07:00

This is typically used on exterior stucco or on surfaces with many hairline cracks. Elastomerics are applied in thick coats and are able to span hairline cracks permanently. Rather than the cracks reopening on your stucco, the elastomeric coating stretches and keeps them sealed up. This prevents water from getting in and thus protects your home from any damage. Elastomeric coatings look a lot like paint and can be matched to your home’s color.

What if lead paint is detected in my home?2023-08-15T06:55:06-07:00

There are certain guidelines and procedures set by the EPA that we follow in regards to removing lead paint. From sanding to bagging up the paint chips for proper disposal, you can be sure we follow all guidelines for the safe removal of lead paint from your home.

How long will my exterior painting job last?2023-08-15T06:57:19-07:00

In general, exterior paint jobs last between five and 10 years. Stucco lasts the longest; wood expands and contracts with the weather, which loosens the paint sooner. We recommend not waiting until the paint is peeling off your home, as this will cost you more in preparation time and labor, especially if wood rot is present.

Where does dirt accumulate most on interior paint jobs?2023-08-15T06:58:40-07:00

Interior paint gets dirty in many different ways, from hand prints around switches and knobs to splashes in kitchens and bathrooms. There are also chances for dirt when it comes to marks on hallways and corridors or when soot accumulates above electric lamps and other heat sources. When you remove dirt before it accumulates, this not only improves appearance, it reduces the risk of the dirt getting permanently embedded in the paint.

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