There are some things you can handle on your own when it comes to home improvements, such as replacing a sink fixture, fixing a leaky toilet, or repairing a small drywall dent. But there are other things that are best left to the pros, and painting is one of those things. You may assume that it’s easy to do: all it takes is slapping paint on a wall, right? Wrong.

There’s so much more to it than that. Sure, you could brush on some paint, but what would the end result look like? That’s kind of like trying to save money by cutting your own hair instead of going to a stylist!

Yes, you will pay a little more to hire them, but the professional results you will enjoy from a painter who knows their stuff is invaluable. So, go ahead: sit back and relax and let the pros take care of painting your interior rooms or home exterior. You will never regret hiring painting contractors in San Francisco.

Here’s why.

They Put Safety First

Particularly when it comes to painting a home’s exterior and having to use a ladder to reach multiple stories, safety is often compromised when the proper precautions are not taken. If you try this yourself and fail to properly secure the ladder, for instance, you could fall from a great height and end up in the ER.

Save your neck and back, and hire an expert instead. They bring all the necessary safety equipment to ensure the job gets done right with no injuries.

They Save You Time

Who wants to sacrifice their whole weekend painting a room, or a whole week or more painting the outside of their house? You have better things to do, and time is money. If it is done properly, painting takes a long time. But professionals do this all the time. They have the process down to a science, which means they can work a lot faster than you – and a lot more efficiently.

You may have good intentions about the project at first, but as the weekends drag on and you can’t get the job finished, you will wish you had hired a pro in the first place.

They Are Insured

Reputable painters are fully licensed and insured, which means both parties are protected in the event damage or an injury occurs while they are on your property. If you tackle the paint job yourself and get hurt, that’s on you to pay your own medical bills and repair any damage that you may have incurred.

They Offer a Warranty

Professional painters offer warranties on products and their labor. Would you offer yourself a warranty on your own labor? Nope.

They Have Specialist Knowledge and Vendor Benefits

Painters know about local building codes and regulations, and how those rules will affect your new paint job. They also know where to buy the best quality paint at the most affordable prices. That’s because they have long-standing working relationships with home improvement and paint companies, giving them access to a better selection of quality paints without the high markup prices.

They Handle the Prep Work

Painting is so much more than adding that final coat for the wow factor. There are a lot of steps in between, and a pro won’t skimp on any of them. Did you know that 80 percent of a well done, quality paint job is complete prior to even opening the paint can?

First, you have to make any necessary repairs to the walls, clean them, sand them, prime them, and prep them. These steps all spell the difference between a beautiful long-lasting job and a lackluster short-term one.

They Bring the Necessary Tools

A professional painter owns equipment that you likely do not have. That means you would have to go out and spend a lot of money on supplies before you even begin. Pros bring all the supplies and equipment they will need with them, such as paint sprayers, scaffolding, pipe painters, edgers for trim, specialty rollers, tarps, tall ladders, and more. Even if you were to invest the money in these items, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to use them correctly.

Plus, painters often come in teams so they can work more quickly and efficiently with the equipment they have.

They Clean Up

Professionals pride themselves on a clean work environment, containing and protecting the space in which they work. This means they protect your furniture and floors with tarps, keep the work space neat and tidy, and clean everything up before they leave for the day. If you were in charge of your own paint job, you may not be as diligent in your tidiness.

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