Now that you have decided to paint your walls, got all the supplies, and put on your overalls, you eagerly start painting, only to step back afterwards and notice your DIY paint job is streaky, clumpy, and uneven. Then you attempt to fix it but you make it worse. What happened and where did you go wrong?

The first problem is obvious: you didn’t hire an interior painter in San Francisco. Second, there are lots of things that probably went wrong, from poor technique to lack of proper prep work. Let’s explore further.

Common Types of Paint Streaks

There are three main types of paint streaks:

Uneven Paint Streaks, Clumps, and Drips

This happens when you either use too much paint or not enough. The old paint may be visible behind the new paint, or you may spot rivulets of paint running down the wall toward the floor.

Raised-Edge Roller Marks

These narrow, raised streaks happen when you use too much paint and press too hard into the wall during the process. Excess paint then seeps out from the sides of the roller, resulting in a streaky trail. If you notice these “ropes” while rolling, you can just roll over them to smooth them out before it dries. If you notice the ropes after they are dry, you can remove them by sanding, but why do you want to hassle with that?

Left-Over Brush Marks

You want to use rollers for wide expanses of wall; however, you will need to use paint brushes for tight, enclosed spaces as well as around window and door frames. Poor brush techniques will inevitably leave textures and streaks.

Streaks: The Causes

Lots of things can result in paint streaks:

Poor Priming or Prepping

Making sure the surface is even is job #1. Take the time to patch up any scratches, dents, and holes with drywall putty. Clean the walls thoroughly to get off the dirt and oils, then apply a coat or two of primer before adding any paint.

Low-Quality Paint

Taking the cheap route when selecting paint is a recipe for disaster. Paint that has been made with inferior or sub-par materials tends to break down and then separate.

Cheap Paints

These tend to be watery and will cover poorly, and will leave streaks on your walls after they dry. Premium paints provide excellent coverage and will dry without streaks, provided you roll the paint correctly using a high-quality roller.

Mixing Old and New

While you’re at it, don’t make the mistake of mixing old paint with new, or adding thinners.

Starting in the Middle

Overlapping will maintain a wet edge and will dry uniformly, but starting in the middle of the wall or rolling over paint that has already started to dry will result in lap marks and streaks.

Using a Shiny Paint

Avoid paint that’s too shiny, such as a semi-gloss, particularly when the walls are high and have a lot of light exposure. Don’t go any shinier than a matte finish. That’s because shiny paints are harder to roll onto walls without showing streaks.

Inconsistent Coverage

Be sure to use the same amount of paint on your brush or roller whenever you dip them back into the paint tray for more. Consistency matters. However, it’s easy to lose track when you’re tired, bored, or rushed. Stay focused and take frequent breaks to keep your energy up.

Too Much Paint

While it’s tempting to slap a glob of paint onto the wall, evening it out once on there, it’s better to only use enough paint to evenly coat the roller or brush. Drip the excess off into the tray before applying.

Poor Technique

Do your homework on proper painting techniques by reading a book or viewing a YouTube tutorial. It will help you immensely in the end.

Gathering all your supplies before you begin is important as well. These supplies include sandpaper, trays, primer, putty, rollers, tarps, and brushes. However, these supplies don’t come cheap, especially when adding in the cost of high-quality paint. If you don’t want to spend your weekend at the paint supply store or don’t have the patience to properly paint your walls, hire a San Francisco painter to do the job right – with no streaks or other unsightly results.

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